Transforming Your Performance – and Your Life

 change-the-world-best-year-yet-1.jpg“How’d you do last year?” people ask. We think about it and we casually answer with what is fresh in our minds - the last few months or weeks or days. 2009 was a tough year for many: job losses, health problems, family issues, or other disappointments.

Yet for some, the year was good. despite the surrounding conditions. What makes the difference in performance and achievement? How can we do better while all about us seems to be unstable or even crumbling?

Each year most of us take time to formally or informally assess how we did over the last 12 months. We use the start of the New Year to set goals (resolutions?) in areas that are important to us. However, commitment and follow-through are the problem.

For example, look at gym memberships. In January, gym enrollments soar. People resolve to lose weight gained over the year and holidays and get more fit. Soon, like in February or March, enthusiasm wanes and ”the call of the couch” is louder than the inner voice pulling us to our commitment to exercise.

Secrets of Transformation

The five principles of personal transforming are:

1. Appreciate your success

2. Learn your lessons

3. Shift limiting beliefs

4. Live your values

5. Set and focus on your top ten goals

Why don’t we reach our goals?

There are many reasons why people don’t reach their goals - some common ones:

  • Never set goals
  • Lack of commitment
  • Not following steps to achieve them
  • No measure of success
  • No timeframe to give focus
  • Fear of success or failure
  • Lack of belief that the goals are reachable
  • Outside influences: time, money, friends, circumstances. . .

Think about your reasons FOR reaching your goals. Are you ready to transform your performance and actually reach 80 to 100% of them? If so, read more about the five principles of transformation:

1. Appreciate your success

When we work on projects, we follow a cycle:

Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 8.25.25 AM.png

Human nature has shown that each of us has strengths in one or more of these steps. However, many times when the job is completed, we’re too busy to acknowledge our success. In doing so we lose the chance to build on our success. Acknowledging success re-fuels our enthusiasm and commitment.

2. Learn your lessons

By reflecting on successes and disappointments, we learn important lessons that provide guidance in future endeavors. What are the reasons we fail to reach a goal? What were the driving factors, skills, and tactics we used in achieving successes? When we understand the lessons and use them as guidelines to overcome excuses for failure, we are motivated toward success.

3. Shift limiting beliefs

What are you are good at? Lousy at? You can readily see that your attitude contributes to your success in those areas. A wise man once said: “Attitude determines outcome”.

How many people don’t even attempt to understand simple science concepts because of poor early school introductions? The mindset that “I’m not good at science” stops many from even trying to understand concepts. The same is true for weight loss “I can’t lose weight and keep it off – I’m made to be overweight!”

Change the limiting beliefs and we can succeed where we previously have failed.

4. Live your values

What is most important in your life for happiness and success? What are your most important values? What values influence you in making decisions? What are you willing to give all you’ve got to protect?

Character is how we act when no one is watching. Values are the drivers of character. Ensure that the goals you seek to achieve are in line with your values – you’ll be more successful and fulfilled.

5. Set and focus on your top ten goals

That great sales motivational speaker Zig Ziglar teaches: “You’ve gotta have goals; a goal properly set is halfway reached”. Many studies have shown the great differences in achievement levels between those who set and track goals -- and those who don’t.

Follow Ziglar’s goal setting formula:

1. Write down your Goal

2. Put a Date on it

3. List all Obstacles to achieving the goal

4. Identify the People, groups, or organizations you need for help

5. Identify any Knowledge you need to achieve the goal

6. Devise a detailed plan of Action

7. Write down all the Benefits in achieving the goal

Then get busy and persistently follow your plan and track your progress.

With this formula you will transform your performance and your life in all the areas you focus on. Just GET STARTED!

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BYYWhosWhoLloydFranke.pngLloyd Franke focuses on defining and achieving high performance goals in owner-managed businesses. He is a certified Program Leader for Best Year Yet® and an Associate at OnTrack Coaching. Check his web site at
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