The Foolproof Combination

foolproof combination best year yet action and attitude.jpegYou’ve heard the phrase for years – a foolproof solution.  It reminds me of one of those hucksters in the old west, peddling their bottles of elixir.  In other words, too good to be true.

Yet the Foolproof Combination I’m talking about is one that’s been proven to work, time after time.

It’s the bottom line of the personal and business development wisdom we’ve read or heard for years.  The secret to producing the results we want and need is in our Attitude and our Action.

Although this ancient wisdom has been around for centuries, the human potential market had its public birth only 40 years ago.  Before that few people had access to information about how to make positive change and improve their performance.

Fast forward to today where people are surrounded with tons of information and endless possibilities about how to 'make your life work’ – so much so that they really know it by now. I believe people are gagging on ALL the information they’ve heard and read and seen about

  • what they need to do to change their life,
  • how to get better,
  • tips and steps and
  • all that stuff!

What are they getting as a result of all these great ideas?  GUILT!  Guilt about not doing anything about what they know to do.

They don’t need any more information because when people have the data and don't put it to use it builds a sense of what’s wrong with them and a pile of guilt about not doing all the stuff they know to do!

Let's start with you -- ask yourself these questions:

  • Have you put some of the personal development info into practice? and
  • Is the information making a difference to you?

From your answers, you see what putting the information to work would look like for you.  Remember -- you don’t need more INFORMATION or HOW TO – you need a TOOL to put all this good information to work so you see RESULTS in your life. We've been working on developing and perfecting the tool for 3 decades.  It works, and it’s simple.

Again, it all boils down to the FOOLPROOF combination of ATTITUDE and ACTION!




Not difficult to imagine the results this person is getting.

Changing and improving either your attitude or your action makes a difference --- but it's not enough.  Positive lasting improvement comes from changing both at once.

One of my favorite ideas for self-coaching when I’m stuck is to pretend I’m someone else and take a look at myself from this fresh perspective.  Step outside myself for a moment and have a look.  Then ask myself 2 simple questions,

What are you thinking?

What are you doing?

Try it yourself.  Remember the foolproof combination – attitude and action.  Start with ATTITUDE.  What do you notice about yourself?  What messages are you giving yourself?  What do you feel are your chances of success on this one?  Awareness brings its own reward.  Wake up to what you’re thinking and feeling and the messages you’re giving yourself as you walk through the day.  The more you’re aware of what you hear, the better chance you have to shift it to something that heads more accurately and powerfully in the direction of the results you want and need.

To get your attitude right, listen to your habitual negative thoughts and tune in to your self-defeating feelings.  And the minute you hear one, give it the flick!  Replace it with a new attitude – the words that lead you toward the results.  That’s the ATTITUDE portion of the foolproof combination.

Now to the ACTION part.  Think back over your last day – to the time of the day when you hoped to be moving toward the results you’ve targeted.  What do you see?  What kinds of activities do you see yourself doing? Chatting on the phone?  Checking for new email messages?  Taking ‘just a minute’ to look something up on the Internet?  Getting another cup of coffee?  Tell the truth – that’s the way we learn.

Learn to observe yourself and the ACTION you’re taking.  Not so you can beat yourself up and make yourself feel bad – losing confidence in the bargain.  Learn to direct yourself first toward those actions that lead you to the results you want.  Is it an important (but perhaps uncomfortable) phone call?  Do you need to write a proposal?  Do you need information to formulate a plan?  With every goal, keep taking the next step and practice, delaying all those distractions until you’ve done it!

When you learn to put both in place --- the ACTION to take you to the results you want and a smart ATTITUDE that leads to results --- the earth moves. I promise. It works every time.  Practice being aware – watch what you’re doing.  Hear what you’re saying to yourself.  Notice what you’re feeling?  Where’s it all headed?  In the next year you can learn to guarantee that it’s headed toward the results you’ve always wanted!

Foolproof Combination

Print out this blog and cut out the simple diagram above to kick-start you to put into practice what you know about producing results!


About the Author

JinnyDitzlerCircle.pngJinny Ditzler is the creator of the Best Year Yet® system, author of best-selling book Your Best Year Yet!, one of the founders of the modern coaching movement, and a regular Huffington Post contributor. While she gets a lot of the credit for being the founder of Best Year Yet®, she’s the first to say it could never have happened without the rest of the global team, all of whom contributed valuable knowledge, skill and talent to bring the program to its current status. 

Jinny started coaching business leaders and executives 35 years ago, and in the early 1990’s her work evolved to include top business teams and organization-wide programs, designed to transform the way people work together to achieve better results and happier companies. 

Jinny is currently writing a new book and coaching people whose intention is to make a positive impact. Having lived and worked in the UK for 18 years, she and her husband Tim now live in Denver, Colorado.  They have two sons, two daughters (in-law), and four granddaughters. 


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