What Are We Waiting For?

waiting.pngMost of us are waiting.  We don’t realize we’re waiting because we’re so busy.  But if we really look, we’re waiting. We’re waiting for the right moment to get started on what we really want to do.  Or for the right job.  Or for the right person to join us.  We think to ourselves “Once I get this done, then I’ll really get started doing what I want.”

But before we finish doing what we’re doing, we’re interrupted by another priority that pulls us away and off we go doing that thing, desperately trying to catch up so we can get back to where we were so we can really get started.This goes on all the time – non-stop -- and we become hoodwinked by our busyness.  We become the victim of our own circumstances, with no way out.  We’re stuck.

When we’re stuck, we’re admonished to “Just Do It,” as if more “doing” were the solution.  But more “doing” is not the solution, it’s the problem. Once we recognize we simply can’t get it all done, that we’re tired of being overwhelmed by all there is to do and we’re not getting done what really matters to us, it’s time for a new game plan.

It’s time for the Moment of Change.  It’s time to stop the merry-go-round.  It’s time to stop waiting for the right moment to change our focus.

But in this busy life, how do we ever find the time for this Moment of Change?

That’s actually the easy part: the time for the Moment of Change is Right Now! The Moment of Change occurs when we’re ready to change from being the victim of our circumstances to being the master of our destiny.

That’s actually the most important step.  Congratulations are in order when we make that choice!

Now comes the hard part: what does it look like to become the master of our destiny? That’s surely going to take more time to figure out than we’ve got.  So how do we do that?

The answer is simple: we decide what’s important, we focus on doing what’s important, and we let the other stuff fall away.  Once we know we’re doing the important stuff, then we can let go of having to do the other stuff.  It doesn’t all need to get done, only the important stuff really NEEDS to get done.

OK, so far, so good.  But, how do we decide what’s important?  Using the Best Year Yet System, it’s as easy as answering 10 questions.  Because the answers to these 10 questions identifies what’s important to us – right now – such that if we delivered our plan, life would be fulfilling!

If we really KNEW there was a simple, proven system to help us decide what’s important, and then focus on making it happen, what are we waiting for?

Would you be willing to stop waiting?  Because the Moment of Change begins Right Now!

About the Author

tim_ditzler_100.pngTim Ditzler is a devotee of effective meetings and having people’s dreams come true.

Having sat through umpteen thousands of meetings – at his own businesses and while serving on charity boards, trade association boards, even club meetings – he became a devotee of effective meetings.  He realized that the goal is to get in & get out quickly and be clear about who agreed to do what by when.  No wasted time or effort.

So Tim designed Producing Results Online® (PRO), a web tool for tracking team and personal results – annually and monthly, even quarterly and weekly for really motivated users.  Now available in 4 languages, it is a cutting edge web tool that supports the Best Year Yet System for Producing Results designed by Jinny Ditzler.

His love of designing creative uses of the computer began at age 13 when he designed a computer game that calculated bombing targets for guided missiles.   That led to starting his own computer business in 1979 to provide merge/purge, high volume laser printing and targeted database marketing.

He has sailed across the Atlantic in a 22-foot Westerly with a college friend, taking 50 days to get from Boston to Gibraltar.  Since then, he and his wife Jinny have run five marathons side by side, led Lew Epstein Men’s and Women’s Clubs, and taken care of their family.


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