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When you can produce results, time after time, you are in the driving seat of your life and your business.

Play the Game to improve your results in:

  • Business
  • Sales
  • Income
  • Fitness
  • Church pledge drive
  • Anything!

If you can measure it, you can make it happen! Thousands and thousands of people around the world have been making game boards for the past 30 years – even more since we started the Best Year Yet business in 1996 and really pushed it out there.Who plays?  CEO’s of major international businesses, small business owners, independent professionals, writers, teachers, teens, seniors – people like you . Their results are extraordinary – and they often can’t wait to tell others about the magic of playing the game!

My husband and I have played it in the Best Year Yet® business and in our personal lives, and it works every time – no matter how tough the challenge, such as the one we were faced with two months ago.

Our sales dropped at the end of February, as often occurs after the New Year’s peak.  But this year we couldn’t let it happen because we needed sales to INCREASE to pay for the ongoing development of our web software, program leader support, and expanding Internet marketing presence.   But we had no idea how to make it happen.  Then the light came on – use our own Play the Game tool.

Before I tell you what happened, you need to know how it works.

Here are the ONLY rules of the game:

  1. Know exactly what you want.
  2. Know exactly how you’re doing – always!

That’s all there is to playing the game.  Just follow these two rules with as much focus and discipline as you can possibly manage.  Look up the word compulsive in the dictionary and become it.  As long as you play the game by these rules, you’ll get results.

Rule 1 -  Know exactly what you want

For example, if the sales target for your business is $50,000 for the coming month, you know exactly what you want and are following the first rule.

Rule 2  -  Know exactly how you’re doing – always

Imagine it’s the 10th of the month, and you know your sales so far are 15,500 exactly.  Now you're following the second rule.

Start Playing the Game with just one result until you get the hang of it.  Take the time to choose the target – exactly what you want.  Up to you.  If you work with others, get together and align on your exact target.

This second rule can be a bit trickier because there are some strong limiting beliefs that keep us from finding out how we're doing ~

I’m afraid what I’ll find out when I check – better not to know.

Who’s got time to stop and figure out exactly where I am.

I think we’re probably at about $2,000, not sure.

I’ve got more urgent things to do right now. 

Become aware of these beliefs -- and then grab yourself by the collar and do what it takes to find out exactly how you’re doing.

Above all, don’t forget the ‘always’ part.  Keep your records up to date so that you’re always following the second rule.  I say to my clients, ‘If I were to call you in the middle of the night and wake you out of a sound sleep, I want you to be able to tell exactly me how you’re doing!  I mean it!!’

So back to the Best Year Yet® Denver Office, March 1, 2010.  Here’s what we did to Play the Game.  Other than changing the names and the sales numbers for the sake of confidentiality, here’s exactly what we did and what happened as a result.

Rule 1 – Know exactly what you want:

We aligned on $40,000 as our March Sales Target

Rule 2 – Know exactly where you are – always.

We made a chart – 8 squares by 10 squares, each square worth $500 – to track our results through the month.  By the time the chart was made we had our first $500, so we were able to add our first marker on our chart.  Then all we needed to do was update it the MINUTE each sale was made.   See why we call it a game?

You can make any kind of chart or game board in any form that works for you – on your computer, a white board, poster board, piece of paper – anything or anywhere.  As long as it shows a clear picture of Rule 1 of Play the Game:  exactly what you want.  80 squares @ $500 = $40,000.  Keeping score is simple and following Rule 2 is easy.

We then made a spreadsheet to track our progress.  This step is not necessary to play the game but as we were playing for sales, we found is useful because it gave us a clear picture of

  • Exactly how many happy faces’ were needed to update our chart
  • What sales were Probable (not certain) for March, and
  • What sales were Possible for March.

About the Author

JinnyDitzlerCircle.pngJinny Ditzler is the author of the best selling book, Your Best Year Yet! now translated into 14 languages and in its 20th printing in the U.K. She is a founder of the personal and executive coaching industry, having originated the process in the U.K. in 1981. Jinny is also the founder of Best Year Yet®. Over a million people have used Best Year Yet® in the past 31 years.

Jinny’s expertise is in coaching, facilitation, writing and speaking, and she’s recognized as a thought leader in the fields of organizational revitalization and personal transformation. Her passion is to make personal and organizational transformation simple and sustainable for people everywhere.

She has been active in nonprofit organizations both in the U.K. and U.S., serving on industry boards and on the Board of Trustees for The Hunger Project. She was also one of the early founders and a president of the Executive Service Corps in Aspen, Colorado, an organization that trains business leaders and independent professionals to provide consulting and coaching to nonprofits. She is married to Tim Ditzler, the creator of Producing Results® Online (PRO), the cloud software for tracking monthly and weekly progress on Best Year Yet® plans.





































So what happened?  Well, there were lots of tough times when we fell into the trap of worrying about how we were doing – not at all helpful because we were then not focusing on what we wanted – to fill the chart with happy faces!

But by the end of the month we were thrilled to see that March Sales were $34,950.  Not our target, but . . .

  1. Sales were up 186% over March of 2009
  2. Sales were up 44% over February
  3. Our total sales pipeline had increased by 63%

We were well on our way to INCREASING sales after our ‘peak season’!

We kept up the game in April with the same $40,000 target -- here are the results:

  1. Sales were up 64% compared to the first 4 months of 2009.
  2. Our total sales pipeline had increased 83% from the end of March and 162% since we started playing the game just two months ago!

Make it Fun

The best part of the Playing the Game is making the game fun to play.  Who wants to play a game if it’s not fun?  And this game is the best game in town – producing the results you want and need.

Really make it a game by designing silly six-year-old level ways of keeping track of – you guessed it – exactly what you want and exactly how you’re doing.

That’s all there is to it – that’s it!  And it works. Why?

Because it’s

  • fun
  • motivational
  • important
  • confidence-building
  • focused
  • disciplined
  • just like a game!

Just a couple words more. . .

What is not required in this game is to worry about the squares you haven’t filled.  To do so diverts your focus from the target.  Worrying brings down your energy and emotional level.

Just play the game.  Good luck and please let us know what happens.

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