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AdobeStock_68094664.jpegOkay, I’m coming clean!  I AM NOT the organized person many people believe me to be.

It’s true, I have a busy life. I run a growing consulting and coaching business, I am a mother to two wonderful kids ages 6 and 7 (and four pets!), I am a wife, volunteer, a board member on two boards, a daughter -- and lest I forget -- I take care of me as well. I have so much going on in my life that there are days where I feel very duck-like . . . calm on the top, but feet paddling like crazy underneath just to stay afloat.

In addition to all the hats I wear, I LOVE to have BIG ideas. I can spend hours thinking up all the things I could do.  I call all of these ideas my ‘shiny red shoes.’  Why? Well I love to buy shoes and like shoes, these big ideas get my juices flowing. However, the downside of shiny-red-shoe ideas is that they often distract me. And truth be told, they are an excuse to put off doing the things I need to do but don’t because they are out of my comfort zone.

Hence the problem: My life is stretched to the limit and I spend time thinking up shiny-red-shoe ideas. Worst of all, I tend not to move into action. Don’t get me wrong, I can be busy – very busy, but because of my shiny-red-shoe ideas, I tend not to be busy on the THINGS THAT MATTER MOST!

That is why for several years my personal Best Year Yet® plan has included the guideline: Focus, Focus, Focus.  I know that when my focus is zeroed in on the results I want, I tend to get them. When my focus is scattered and disorganized my results suffer, especially the results that really matter. There is a direct correlation.

Including the guideline, Focus, Focus, Focus in my plan reminds me to organize my busy life around the goals that I have decided are most important. By disciplining myself to use the guideline on a daily basis, I can decide on the actions I need to take so a shiny-red-shoe idea doesn’t distract me and get in the way of my achieving success. In addition, this focus enables me to evaluate each shiny-red-shoe idea so I know if it is just a distraction, or a real idea that I should be acting on in order to get the results I am looking for,

More importantly, because this guideline gives me the discipline to focus on my goals every day, I am more aware of the thoughts and feelings I have related to my goals. Remember my shiny-red-shoe ideas are often a way for me to get out of doing the “hard” stuff. By becoming aware of the fears, doubts, and negative feelings that may be stopping me, my guideline helps me to turn those thoughts and feelings into a more positive focus, which in turn gives me the strength to move forward on the actions that will get me closer to my goals.

Here is a great example. When I started my business, I was focused on the idea that I couldn’t get clients in my own backyard – clients had to be located outside the area in which I lived. Do you know what? I was right! I didn’t get a single client within 100-mile radius. But when I changed my focus and believed that my ideal clients were anywhere and everywhere, I suddenly had clients coming out of the woodwork – some WITHIN WALKING DISTANCE of my office!

Focus, Focus, Focus helps me have the attitude and take the actions to get what I want. It helps me know whether or not I need to buy the ‘shiny red shoe’ and it helps me add sanity and balance into my life. Overall, Focus, Focus, Focus is one of the most powerful Best Year Yet® principles for my family, my business and me. By focusing on my goals, I am consciously making my dreams come true.


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Kim Kniveton circle.png MBA, owner of Ascent Coaching & Consulting ( specializes in supporting the development of high performing leaders and their teams. Kim is a certified coach through the International Coach Federation, an Advanced Emotional Intelligence change practitioner and has been a Best Year Yet® partner and program leader since early 2007.  Kim is a sought after speaker and workshop leader whose clients comment that her fun, positive and engaging personality all contribute to helping others achieve results. Schedule your FREE 60 minute Strategy Session with Kim by emailing or by calling 801.272.3534.  And remember, “It’s not enough to stare up the steps. You must step up the stairs.”

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