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each-day-has-86400-seconds-the-clock-is-running-best-year-yet.jpgWhen I was thirty four years old, I learned there was “no time to kill.” I was in a marriage that was free falling, I worked at a job that I hated and I discovered much to my horror that the fetus I was carrying had morphed into a cancerous blob described to me as a “molar pregnancy,” clinically known as a hytdatidform mole.  During my treatment and recovery, I discovered a book that altered the course of my life.  The bestseller was written by Melody Beattie and it was titled, Codependent No More.

I can remember thinking, “how did I get to this place?”  What came next was a painful awareness that I had not been living my personal values. I was stressed out and merely existing in a toxic environment at home and at work.  I was a boiled frog! You know the one I’m talking about, right?  The frog lands in a pot of water and stays there warm and comfy as the heat is slowly turned up to the point where he is boiled to death.

With a clear sense of my mortality along with a positive and bold attitude, I shifted into high gear. I  felt vulnerable yet empowered as my 10 year old daughter and I moved from our home to live with family while I healed. After about six months, we  were finally able to rent a townhouse after closing escrow on the house we had previously lived in.  My divorce was final and I was ready to ignite the fire on important goals I had placed on the back burner for too long, and I created new goals! I became purposeful in my journey and made sure there was alignment between my goals and my values, being careful to focus on activities that have the most positive impact on my self and others.

As an example, one of the first goals I took action on was to get back in school to complete my undergraduate business degree. My earliest college courses were taken when I was pregnant with my daughter.  I was determined to complete this degree because it was a lifelong goal and I wanted to transition to a career I was better suited for. Plus, I wanted to provide my daughter with a role model and lifestyle that she deserved. I received my undergraduate degree just two years before my daughter earned hers.

Completing this educational goal was an example of a Gold Time activity.  According to Your Best Year Yet author Jinny Ditzler, “it’s called Gold Time because the time you spend on this type of activity pays off at least tenfold over the time you invest in other types of activities.”  How you spend your time each day will fall  into one of the following four groups:


 Gold Time management is a simple but highly effective approach to getting the right things done when there really seems to be too much to do.  It’s about being able to deal seamlessly with both the urgent and the important items on your list.

As the natural progression is for things to move from being not urgent to urgent, by focusing on activities in the upper right corner, you’re led to a life of less stress and less fire fighting and fewer things will reach the crisis stage.   As a 30 year old, you might agree that it’s important to keep fit, but it’s not really urgent – it can wait.  “As soon as I have time I will…

… spend more time with the kids

… start a savings account

… take a class on social media marketing

… get my brokers license

…but right now there’s too much to be done.”

These are some examples of Gold Time activities. What fits into this category for you personally?

Like many of us, the first thought of spare time is to get into email, facebook, twitter, read the latest online gossip on your favorite stars or __________ (fill in the blank).  If you are clear about what are the Important/Not Urgent (Gold Time) things in your life, you’ll use your time to attend to them.

Gold Time is just one of 12 powerful Best Year Yet Principles helping over one million people worldwide achieve the results they want and need.  The Best Year Yet system is also online and includes a 12 month pass to PRO, the fabulous accountability tracking tool.  Learn about my special 2 for 1 offer and start planning your Gold Time now!

Thank you for visiting my blog. I would love to hear your “no time to kill” story!

About the Author

CindyBostickCircle.pngCindy is a Best Year Yet® Partner and Business/Life Coach. She served as President of the 2011 Women’s Council of Realtors Victor Valley Chapter and is a real estate broker associate.  In early 2010, Cindy transitioned from the role of CEO with a large, profitable real estate franchise to focus on coaching individuals and teams achieve the results they most want and need. She is especially sensitive to the challenges faced by professionals today and coaches her clients using the Best Year Yet® system to provide perspective, a road map and accountability as they create and achieve their most important business and personal goals.

Prior to real estate sales, management and coaching, Cindy invested 20 years in the defense industry as a business and finance executive with Raytheon Corp. She holds a BS degree in Business Management and has completed graduate level marketing course work.

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