Find the Pit Stop!


When was the last time you stopped racing around, checked your energy level, and recharged your batteries?

I've discovered that many clients get the most value from using Best Year Yet® by developing a personal habit of looking back and getting ready for the next steps. I call this habit a Pit Stop. You pause to find more motivation, more clarity and direction for the future.What do you normally do during a Pit Stop at the fuel station?

  • You clean the front window in order to have a clear view on your road ahead. In Best Year Yet, this is learning your lessons to get a clearer view of how to take your next steps

  • You get garbage out of your car and buy some new food for your next journey. In the monthly or weekly reviews of Best Year Yet, you think about achievements in the last period and your goals for the next phase.

  • You fuel your tank. In Best Year Yet, you create guidelines derived from lessons learned and get more aware of your Limiting Paradigms. Creating a new paradigm inspires you with the motivational energy that will feel like fuel as you get started.

Sitting behind the wheel again, I normally feel refreshed, motivated for the next step, ready to go! The same feeling is created during a monthly or weekly planning session using the Best Year Yet® Online cloud software "Producing Results Online" (PRO).

So what is your personal Pit Stop Strategy? How many times a year do you slow down, check the oil, and fuel your tank? What helps you develop the habit of doing these stops even when you're busy?

Here's how you establish a new habit:

  1. You do it for the first time. After that, ask yourself: What feels good about it? What is valuable about this? What helped me doing this?
  2. You plan your second time and set an alarm to be reminded. In PRO, this can be done by creating automated emails to you or your team.
  3. You do it again and do it better because you have learned from the past. Then ask yourself, what felt better than the first time? How can I do more of that? What helped me do it and not to procrastinate?
  4. You plan your third time, and then your next one . . .

For Best Year Yet® clients doing the online workshop is the first time they really look back and ask themselves the important questions about the past. The second time they do that review after month 1 of their plan. My clients say it's easier every time they do it and that it's great because it’s done in just a short time.

It takes me 15 minutes to do my monthly review and another 10 minutes to plan my week. The daily routine of reshuffling my To Do List to progress those weekly goals takes another 10 minutes a day. But hey, guess how much time I save by being clear in my mind! Imagine continuing your journey with a dirty window!

For some people getting reminders from a system or a peer is helpful enough. Some need a coach in order to develop real habits. Psychological theory says that after 21 days of daily routine things become automatic for you.

When will you do your next Pit Stop? If you use PRO, have you defined the pit stops for the whole year?

So have a safe and joyful journey!

About the Author

BYYWhosWhoThomas_Freitag.pngThomas Freitag, Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and founder of MindMove in Zürich, Switzerland is an executive leadership coach and professional facilitator for team and organizational development. He has worked in the banking and consulting industry for more than a decade and is the current president of the International Coach Federation Switzerland.

Thomas has worked with Best Year Yet® since 2005. He publishes regularly in major Swiss HR and Management Magazines and in his German Blog Thomas works in German, English and French and is a truly international Coach. Contact Thomas at

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