What is PRO – how and why does it work?

Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 6.09.43 PM.pngImagine you get an email from your coach. He reminds you of your commitment to work on your goals regularly. He makes you feel good about your achievement and offers wisdom about self management. You may tell your coach to do more for you, for example, send you reminders about when your goals are due. All this creates a positive pressure that supports you to walk your talk on your way to having your Best Year Yet®.

Welcome to the world of PRO, Producing Results Online®.

PRO is cloud software designed to help you track your Best Year Yet® plan. You use PRO for 12 months after finishing your Best Year Yet® Online workshop. It helps you drill down from your annual goals into quarterly, monthly and even weekly goals. Working with PRO on a regular basis will create a positive habit for you to focus on what’s really important to you – no matter if your plan is focused on your person, business or all the goals in your life.

One of my coaching clients has asked PRO to email his monthly plan to his close friend he meets later on for a drink. When he entered the bar, his friend approached him saying, “Hey John, did you really go to the gym three times this week? Yes? For sure you need a big beer now!“

I use PRO to track my own goals and look at my achievements. Just like in an airplane pilot, I can see how I’m doing on my journey. Year to date charts tell me if I’m flying in the green, yellow or red zone for each goal and help me navigate to stay on track. On a quarterly basis, I also check the traffic lights in PRO. They tell me what goals need extra attention over the coming weeks.

Recently, I had a conversation with an HR manager on the role of individual values in an organization. We talked about how both individual and organizational values are important. However, if you ask some executives to state their five most important values, many will not be able to do that without further thinking. Do you know your personal values? Good! But do you reflect on them regularly? PRO will make sure you don’t forget them by giving you a tool to rate your progress on actually living your values.  On a quarterly basis PRO helps you check how you’re doing on your personal values. What could be more important to you?

Whenever I log into my own PRO plan, it helps me to clear my mind. The Best Year Yet® Online workshop has supported me setting my goals, and PRO makes sure that I track my progress on a regular basis. And -- believe me -- creating the positive habit of looking back on achievements and focusing on my top priorities in the near future is so powerful!

Even as a person who has used Best Year Yet® for many, many years, I sometimes need to check back into the Resources section in PRO to refresh my view on my self management. What should I consider in order to set smart goals? How can I be more accountable to my team? The documents reviewing the principles of personal and organizational transformation always need review, and the short audio files from founder Jinny Ditzler inspire me every time I listen to them.

So, how would you prefer to work with your coach? What kind of interaction rhythm would be most valuable for you? Would you prefer to receive reminders at the end of the month? Or any day you have set an appointment with yourself to review your goals? It’s all up to you. Be your own pilot and check your instruments regularly. It all depends on your answer to the question ~

 How committed am I to having my Best Year Yet?

About the Author

BYYWhosWhoThomas_Freitag.pngThomas Freitag, Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and founder of MindMove in Zürich, Switzerland is an executive leadership coach and professional facilitator for team and organizational development. He has worked in the banking and consulting industry for more than a decade and is the current president of the International Coach Federation Switzerland.

Thomas has worked with Best Year Yet® since 2005. He publishes regularly in major Swiss HR and Management Magazines and in his German Blog Thomas works in German, English and French and is a truly international Coach. Contact Thomas at

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