Choosing Your Roles for the New Year


Let us imagine that we are making our new Best Year Yet® plan and have reached Question 6 – What Roles Do I Play in My Life? In my opinion this is a really important and crucial question and will play a huge role in how successfully we live our year.

A majority of us have a major day activity five days a week from Monday to Friday, and for some there is also additional work on Saturday and Sunday. Let us give this role the name of “Major Activity” and keep it aside for a while. Now explore the other activities that we get involved in, such as Family, Friend, Self Coach or Caretaker, and close personal relationships such as Wife, Husband, Partner, Son, or Daughter.

All the other things that we do in our lives such as Community/Social activities, Charity work, Volunteering, Religious pursuits, Sports – playing and/or watching, Family and Home welfare and well-being (financial and physical), Artistic pursuits, Hobbies, Second or third jobs make up the remaining three roles.

Now let us have a look at how much time do we have in a week. There are 7 days in a week with 24 hours in a day which means that we have 168 hours in total. Let us make two main assumptions, firstly we sleep 7 hours per day and work 5 days a week working in total 40 hours and use 3 hours per day to get ready for work and travelling time – total 104 hours. We are effectively left with 64 hours per week to distribute across the 7 roles.

Time is an extremely precious commodity that is equal and fair to all beings, does not discriminate or play favorites, does not judge or criticize --  just simply exists. We know when the clock started but know not when it will stop, while knowing for sure that for all of us it will definitely stop.

Being aware of how much time we have at our disposal week to week and knowing the importance of life balance, we are in a better position to select which 7 roles besides the ‘Major Activity’ will help us live our Values and achieve the Results that we seek.

The next step I propose is to imagine an ideal week in which you have a chance to devote time and attention to each of your Roles. Map out each day starting with when you wake up to when you sleep and allocate time to each Role as appropriate and allow for other things that one has to do – such as pet care / exercise, housework, meals, shopping, reading newspapers /books/magazines, Internet, Mobile phones and Tablets and so on. You will be amazed how little time is left for the Roles that you decided were most important.

It is no wonder then that the Goals we set for ourselves are so difficult to accomplish because we have not matched the time required to successfully complete the Goals to the time that we have available.  Having a role to be your ‘Major Focus’ in the year is effectively selecting a role that will get your full Focus and Commitment and be first in line to get allocated the precious commodity – TIME.   This role must be the last thing that is sacrificed.

Recognize the time-wasters and let them go, be aware and never be stuck with Time on hand but nothing to do – carry your Best Year Yet® plan with you at all times. Learn to say ‘No’, and find innovative ways to multitask so that you can get more from your day.

Make the most of every day and have your best year yet.


About the Author

BYYWhosWhoAshokaGore.pngAshoka started working at the age of 17 as a Cadet Officer in the Merchant Navy and sailed the 7 Seas on various ships becoming a Master Mariner and then swapping his Sea Legs for Land Legs in 1992. The key learnings gained in these 15 years were: Take initiative and be innovative, Face and challenge your Fears, Storms seem to last forever but they are always followed by calm and peace, and finally Treat people with respect and without judgement.

The years 1992 to 1996 were transformational years, wherein he worked as a Taxi Driver, Storeman, Warehouse Supervisor, Maritime teacher, Sales representative, Telemarketer,  Insurance sales, Financial Planner, Network Marketer and a Maritime Consultant. The last role led to a permanent position in a big energy company, managing the two LPG ships that they had. Tackling the Fears on land was far scarier than the Storms and huge waves at sea, such as the fear of speaking in front of a class, making sales calls to sell advertising and insurance.

He completed an MBA in 2003 and was given the opportunity to manage 9 subsidiary companies in the South Pacific. The businesses and the people grew and developed due to his strong principles and values driven approach, putting people first, and providing coaching and mentoring to all staff. Ashoka is a trained facilitator in the 7 Habits of Highly Effective people program which was rolled out to all Leaders and Managers. In October 2011, he became a Best Year Yet® Coach, and he completed the Best Year Yet® Program Leader’s training in November. He is now a certified Master Coach and has embarked on the next phase of his journey setting up his own company ConsultNCoach to help people from all walks of life find their purpose and achieve Results. He can be contacted at

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