The Power of Positive Prophecy

By Betty Mahalik, Best Year Yet® Partner

prophecy-best-year-yet.jpgThis is a story I never tire of telling.  I tell it anytime I have the opportunity to — whether in workshop, a coaching session, or a simple conversation with a friend.  I tell it because it’s an example of the power of positive prophecy.

And “positive prophecy” is how I define Question 4 in the Best Year Yet process.  This concept of positive prophecy became a part of my permanent mental/emotional operating system the first time I ever created a BYY plan.

The year was 1998.  That sounds like eons ago, doesn’t it?  I had been self-employed as a life coach and trainer for several years.  The problem was I was doing too little of either to earn a good living.  I was struggling, and I was fed up with it!  I was so tired of the struggle that I was seriously thinking about getting a J-O-B!  But as fate would have it, the coach I worked with at the time challenged me to come up with a theme for the year.  So as often happens we get some of best ideas when we least expect it — in the shower, at the grocery store, while driving around doing errands.  And indeed, the flash of insight that became my theme for the year came as I was driving home one gloomy afternoon.

It hit me like a bolt out of the blue!  My theme would be: “This is the best year of my life!”  Trust me, it had been anything but up to that point.  Nevertheless, like a good coaching client I wrote it down and shared it with my coach on the next call.  Not long after that I received one of those book club mailers promoting a new book club selection titled "Your Best Year Yet."  I thought it was kind of ironic that my theme for the year was so close to the title of that book.  Hmmmm . . .

So I did what anyone would do next, right?  I ordered the book!!  And then I did two more amazing things:  1) I read it instead of letting it sit on the shelf waiting for a better time; 2) I actually completed my first Best Year Yet plan, using the workbook in the second half of the book.  You can probably guess what my empowering paradigm turned out to be.  That’s right: “This is the best year of my life!”

From that point forward I didn’t look back.  Every time I wanted to succumb to the old, dead-end negative prophecies like “This is too hard!” Or, “Maybe I should just go get a J-O-B!” my new paradigm kicked in.  There were times I could actually see those positive, prophetic words flashing like a neon sign on the Las Vegas Strip.  So whenever I wanted to quit or play victim, that positive prophecy was there, supporting me in seeing a more positive, fulfilling future for myself.  It helped me ask more effective questions like:

 If this were the best year of my life right now,
what would I be thinking and how would I be acting?
What would I be doing?”

 And whatever the answers were to those questions I started doing them consistently.

It was later that year I began to reap the harvest of the positive paradigm I had created.  My business picked up—a lot!  My relationship with my husband and son improved.  I began getting the kind of results I knew somewhere deep down it was possible to get.  Something else happened as a result of that powerful, positive prophecy -- I saw that Best Year Yet was a program that I wanted to share with others as part of my coaching and training practice.  So I reached out to Tim Ditzler to find out more about how to get trained to deliver BYY workshops.

I still have their telephone number at the time circled in my “classic” book club copy of Your Best Year Yet.

And that positive, powerful prophecy is now an integral part of my internal operating system.  No matter what new positive paradigms I’ve written in the years since that first serendipitous discovery of BYY, at the foundation is the unshakeable belief that every year can be the best year of my life.

Thank you Best Year Yet!

About the Author

Betty_Mahalik_Circle.pngBetty Mahalik is a professional coach, trainer, facilitator and BYY partner who has been teaching people how to communicate effectively, enjoy life, manage stress and deal with change for more than 20 years.

A former television news reporter and anchorwoman, Betty worked for eight years in the field of public relations prior to starting her own business in 1987. For two-and-a-half years she served on the training staff of National Seminars, and has spoken before hundreds of audiences, large and small.

In January of 2009 her first book, Living a Five Star Life, was published by Simple Truths. 

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