Are You Ready for a Change?

One thing I know for sure is that we are more powerful than we know. We are created from greatness, a source of help greater than ourselves with the strength, courage, and faith to live empowering and fulfilling lives. Yet when we forget this truth we give life a different meaning, one of struggle, hardship, limitation and uncertainty. 

Fortunately, there is good news. Regardless of one’s circumstance in life, help to change is always available. When we’re willing to ask for and accept help, we overcome whatever is holding us back and return to the greatness we are. This truth became evident in the life of my beloved sister Donna.

Make a decision for change

Donna is one of my three younger sisters. In her early adult life she was really fun to hang out with. She was a confident college graduate, successful marketing professional, and creative homeowner with many wonderful friends. She was living the life of her dreams. Unfortunately, this wonderful life was cut short for many years due to struggles with mental illness, and our family struggled right along with her, feeling helpless and frustrated.

We hoped and prayed for her recovery and were disillusioned and disappointed by how long it was taking. By not seeking help to understand this illness and deal with our own inadequacies, we become enablers. This was a very long, painful and difficult time for everyone. It was hard to understand how a prominent, vibrant, and successful person could be going through such turmoil.

Helping someone with this debilitating disease is difficult, especially when the person does not want help. Sadly, Donna continued to repeat the same destructive patterns over and over again for many years. I missed my sister and didn’t know how to get her back.

It took a long time to learn that the most compassionate thing anyone could do was to allow her to face the consequences of not sticking with a recovery program.  

Eventually my beautiful, loving, vibrant, and intelligent sister took responsibility and with God as her strength made the decision for change. This exceptional commitment has contributed to healing and renewing many of her relationships. Now life is unfolding for her in miraculous ways.

Ask, listen and follow

A year ago Donna decided to transform her life. She accepted help from the mental health community, left our parent’s home, moved into a private residential community with her peers, and is working to rebuild her life and career. The four key components in Donna’s recovery plan include:

  1. Spiritual wellness
  2. Letting go of fear
  3. Making necessary change
  4. Asking for help

As I witnessed Donna make these positive changes, I became encouraged and optimistic. This feeling opened the door for me to share with her the Best Year Yet system. I had unwavering faith that using it would support her recovery. I was so excited when she seized this opportunity, took advantage of my family discount, and accepted me as her coach.

Her first assignment was to write a Future Letter describing the life she is living one year from now. By addressing her letter to God, she gained clarity, inspiration, and purpose.

Set empowering and inspiring goals

Donna is now in the fifth month of implementing her Best Year Yet plan. She has adopted a daily routine to keep herself inspired. It includes reading her ‘Future Letter to God’, her three guidelines, affirming her new paradigm (“I am confident and capable of living a life of success”) and reviewing her goals. She says this process empowers her as she pursues her dreams, day by day. As she learns to navigate through PRO, the Best Year Yet results-tracking software, she is discovering more effective ways to stay the course. Donna shared with me that this system is a powerful tool that has helped her communicate with others what is important to her.

I am honored to join with Donna through her life transformation. She is confidently reclaiming her dreams, letting go of the past, while living her true greatness. I am very proud of her.  

Listen for guidance along the journey

Many people see butterflies as a symbol of transformation. I love them. Recently during an intimate phone conversation about her plan, a gorgeous orange and black butterfly landed in front of me. I interrupted her to tell her about it, and she said, “Audrey, it is a sign to both of us that we are transforming, just like this amazing butterfly.”

The biggest lesson I have taken from this journey with my sister is to trust the greatness that resides within each and every person we encounter because love is the only condition.

“The hardship life presents does not have to define you.”
~ Diane Sawyer


About the Author

BYYWhosWhoAudreyTaylor.pngAudrey Taylor is President of DeBarros Ltd, a Human Resource Consulting, Training and Coaching business in Marietta, Georgia in Human Resource Management, Organization Development and Coaching.

Audrey is a seasoned professional with an extensive background in delivering Diversity and Inclusion, Change Management initiatives and Executive Coaching programs in various industries. She is highly rated as an inspiring coach, enthusiastic facilitator and college professor. Her optimistic style encourages and empowers the best in those she serves.

Audrey holds distinct certificates: Best Year Yet® Online Coach, International Coach Federation as ACC, “Coach Academy Professional Coach (CAPC)”, “Certified NLP Coach (NLPC), “Passion Test" Facilitator, Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), graduate of Robbins Research International Inc., Mastery University Program. She is also an Adjunct Professor Online at DeVry University, teaching classes in Career Development.

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