Move from ‘I’ to ‘We’ – Your Success Depends on It!


I was traveling with the President of our company on a flight from Boston to New York after giving a client presentation. I was physically and mentally exhausted.  I had worked around the clock to get this presentation prepared and perfect. The presentation was a success!

After waiting for just the right moment, the president said, “The client is worried about you and is not sure you can continue on the account.” I was dumb-founded and devastated. I thought how could they not be happy with my work. It all went so well. Then it became clear that it was not the quality of my work but my less then enthusiastic behavior toward the work I had done. My usual positive Can Do attitude had become No Can Do.

This was my Moment of Change. I realized it’s not all about me,
I can’t do it all, and most importantly, I should not do it all.

The client’s growing demands and expanded workload deserved more than I could give on my own. I was doing myself and our organization a disservice by trying to do it all. I needed help, I needed to ask for help, and I needed to believe in the collective expertise and value that a team would provide. This realization led to my paradigm shift.

After a good night sleep, I went to work with a new attitude and mindset -- one of a holistic leader. I needed to shed my ego, martyrdom, and fear and then channel my energy into identifying the right team to develop the right plan of action to succeed and grow as an organization. Ultimately we would be producing better results for our client.

The Best Year Yet process has taught me that the key to transformation of teams and organizations is personal responsibility. When we develop ourselves to the next level, our teams grow. When our teams grow, the organization transforms. It all begins by taking personal responsibility for our actions and setting a good example for our teams.

What we do matters and we are all in the position to influence and impact our organizations in positive ways with each move we make. As our self-knowledge grows and we let go of old ways of behaving and thinking, we transform not only ourselves but also the team and the organization. The more we grow and develop, the more our teams follow our lead and reflect our heightened levels of personal responsibility.

Once I was able and willing to let go, ask for help, and accept others support, talents and expertise, I became a respected leader, a valued mentor, and an effective coach. I set my intention to share my knowledge and to use my lessons to guide and develop a solid team to support our initiatives. As a result of my transformation, I built a collaborative work environment, aligned on the goals that would make the biggest difference to our results. We were accountable to our plan, and we succeeded in our efforts.

Our organization achieved their BEST YEAR YET!

Leaders, are you willing to ask for help to develop your team? Remember it starts with YOU -- and your success depends on it!

About the Author

BYYWhosWhoDonnaKing.pngDonna King works with individuals, businesses, and not-for-profit organizations to help them maximize personal and team performance to improve results. With over 25 years of diverse experience, Donna has brought vision and innovation to the companies where she has worked. She has an excellent track record in developing high-performing teams and driving business initiatives. Donna started her career in Advertising and Marketing. She gained experience in both creative marketing and organizational development at Shasho Jones Direct, NYC, the agency that she cofounded.

As a former business executive and Best Year Yet client, Donna understands the struggles and challenges that leaders face keeping their teams motivated, committed, and on target to meet the “right” goals and priorities. With the help of Best Year Yet, not only did the company gain $40 million in sales growth and increase profit by 10%, but they also transformed the way their team functioned and communicated – with newfound energy, passion and pride. Donna was so impressed with the results and benefits of the program that she transitioned her career to Professional Coaching. Donna now helps leaders in other organizations to achieve a higher level of performance from their teams.
Along with Donna's positive energy and natural ability to prompt ideas and inspire, she utilizes her coaching skills to help organizations develop strategic plans, improve process and build team structure, and to brainstorm creative solutions.
Donna King serves as Program chair of ICF local chapter, Heartland Coaches Association.

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