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let-your-light-shine-best-year-yet-e1417397579176.jpgWhen I learned that this series of Best Year Yet® articles was about the shift from a self-centered reality to one devoted to helping those around us and beyond, this idea of serving others rang true for me. For me, service offers a heart-centered experience, one that comes from our willingness to give our gifts and talents in unconditional support for the highest and best in another person.

Some years ago while participating in a bible study group, some of us became aware that we wanted to go beyond discussing the lessons and to start putting the principles studied into practice.  In the spring of 1994, we formed a non-profit organization called Inner Vision Women’s Ministry (IVWM) and we called our founding members the Cornerstones. With Love being our common bond, we were united in a single purpose - providing a ministry of women, for women and their families. Our shared vision stated:

“We are the Hands, Eyes, and Heart of God – always teaching principle by demonstrating Inner Strength, Unconditional Love, and Abundant Prosperity in all we do. We serve others with style, dignity and respect. Those touched by our loving and healing energy discover their own inner power and strength and in turn bless others.”

Being part of this ministry was truly a transformative experience that I continue to carry with me in other life relationships.  Not only did we enrich the lives of those we were guided to serve, we were able to realize our shared vision for ourselves as well.

I believe every one of us is being called to let our light shine. When your light within is blocked by self-limitation, self-doubt, stress, and fear, your light becomes dim. Fortunately you are more empowered than you give yourself credit for being.

When you are willing to ask, help is always available.

The primary reason I became a Best Year Yet® Partner is because I want to be the best Self I can possibly be in life.  I know that that purpose then allows me to support others to do the same.

I appreciate the inside out approach of the system and the Best Year Yet® purpose – to empower everyone to create the results they want and need.

The passionate approach of Jinny Ditzler, author and co-founder of the Best Year Yet® system, inspired me as well. She says: “We trust that people already have what they need and want. All we provide are the tools, software, questions, support, and discipline to help them do what they already want to do.”  And as Albert Einstein said, 

"I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn."

The journey of transformation begins with me. I will best serve others when I am willing to serve myself.  Allow Best Year Yet® to support you to embrace the real you and let your light shine.

Completing my Best Year Yet® Online plan year after year has inspired me to listen deeply and trust that my Higher Power is speaking to me if only I am willing to listen.  Best Year Yet® Online has become the foundational coaching tool I offer my clients which serves them in a truly empowering way.

This inspiring tool allows those we serve to transform their lives in ways that honor the whole Self.

 “The universe is always speaking to us...Sending us little messages, causing coincidences and serendipities, reminding us to stop, to look around, to believe in something else, something more.” — Nancy Thayer

Recently two clients passed on referrals to me because of the changes they are experiencing in their life since creating their Best Year Yet® plan. When their friends or colleagues made comments about how they seemed different and asked what’s going on? Their response was: “I have a coach and she is helping me to live my life on purpose with Best Year Yet®.”  While the demands they face have not changed, how they are responding to them is very different. They are living into their paradigm, setting priorities better, focusing on what matters most, and allowing others to be responsible for what belongs to them.

"All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination."
~ Earl Nightingale

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BYYWhosWhoAudreyTaylor.pngAudrey Taylor is President of DeBarros Ltd, a Human Resource Consulting, Training and Coaching business in Marietta,Georgia and founder of Coaching for Greatness.Audrey is a seasoned professional with an extensive background in delivering Diversity and Inclusion, Change Management initiatives and Executive Coaching programs in various industries. She is highly rated as an inspiring coach, enthusiastic facilitator and college professor. Her optimistic style encourages and empowers the best in those she serves.Audrey holds distinct certificates: Best Year Yet® Online Coach, International Coach Federation as ACC, “Coach Academy Professional Coach (CAPC)”, “Certified NLP Coach (NLPC), “Passion Test" Facilitator, Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), graduate of Robbins Research International Inc., Mastery University Program. She is also an Adjunct Professor Online at DeVry University, teaching classes in Career Development.

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