Transforming Your Performance – and Your Life

 “How’d you do last year?” people ask. We think about it and we casually answer with what is fresh in our minds - the last few months or weeks or days. 2009 was a tough year for many: job losses, health problems, family issues, or other disappointments. Yet for some, the year was good. despite the surrounding conditions. What makes the difference in performance and achievement? How can we do better while all about us seems to be unstable or even crumbling?...
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How Can We Stop Feeling Overwhelmed?

I find myself in a lot of conversations lately about how busy and frustrated people are. Here are some typical comments: “With all our wonderful technology, designed to make it all so much easier, I just feel more overwhelmed instead of more productive!” “I can’t figure out how to make things happen that just don’t happen.” “I try so hard to stick to my priorities, but the day just takes over and I don’t get to them.”...
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Your New Year Declaration

  I’m breathing the fresh air of a new month, a New Year, and yes, a new decade.  And I’ve made a declaration that is already acting as a powerful catalyst in making great things happen this year.  This week I invite you to join me in declaring your intent for the New Year. There is something powerful and empowering about making a declaration. Think the Declaration of Independence…”We hold these truths to be self-evident…” It was on that declaration that a nation was founded. In 1962, President ...
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