Help Others Produce Results

Ms. GPS is the voice on the wonderful technology that helps us navigate in unknown territory and arrive at a new destination easily. Global positioning devices have saved us lots of time and frustration. (OK, and occasionally led us astray, but on the whole….stay with me here.) Ms. GPS also provides a few good reminders for how we can help others achieve their goals, faster and more easily. While the voice of Ms. GPS can become a little wearing, her usefulness is unquestionably lovable....
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Generate Abundance

There is probably not a word in use today that gets more "press" than "abundance." Pick up an "O" Magazine and if it's not on the cover, you'll surely find an article or two inside explaining how to have greater "abundance". In the writings on the principles of attraction, the word abundance appears early and often. And in my coaching practice hardly a week goes by that I don't have at least one conversation on the topic....
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Take Care of Yourself

Kris Gleason / August 02, 2010 /


  Lesson # 10 in the Producing Results series is Take Care of Yourself. As a Best Year Yet® Coach, I often find the need to encourage my clients to take better care of themselves. In some cases, it may mean taking the time to develop a new talent or improve a relationship. Often it means they need to pay more attention to their health or simply just treat themselves better....
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