Market Yourself like a Master

donnawoodking / September 29, 2010 /


Ok, so you have an awesome product and service and you're ready to market it. Sounds easy, right? Even with 20 years of advertising & marketing experience under my belt, I still was not prepared when it came time to market my own consulting and coaching business. Sure, I executed a zillion strategies for multi-channel marketing organizations and I know how to make someone else's product look good and sell but why do I get so stuck when trying to market my own services? To help all you ...
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Making Family Business Work

Marilyn Edelson / September 16, 2010 /


Family businesses are wonderful and wonderfully complex. On one hand, they are the backbone of big international businesses (think Ford, Gucci, Hilton and Perdue to name a few) as well as small, local businesses, but often they are fraught with issues and conflicts as complicated as family life and business by themselves. While 80% of U.S. companies are family-owned, keeping them in the family has been shown to pose a serious threat and few survive the 3rd generation....
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