Dare To Be Extraordinary

People who are extraordinary are present to the moment, see magic in simple things and have a deep appreciation for the life they have been given. They leave an imprint and touch others by their very presence. Being extraordinary means we experience the ordinary and add a little something extra to it. It has no age limit. As a matter of fact, children come into this world as extraordinary miracles. I only have to remember the first time I held my granddaughter to remember the gift of being ...
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Break Out of the Trap!!

What trap? The trap I fall into almost every day is one that I suspect many of us find ourselves in.  My trap is that my day rushes by faster than I can keep up with it.  That I feel like I’m always running just to catch up.  That just when I get focused on a key priority, some interruption arises – and before I can finish dealing with that situation – another one comes up as well -- such as being asked to write this article at 10am today!...
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