Never Give Up on Gold Time

  The concept of Gold Time is one I am passionately devoted to – and one I am usually frustrated by.  Over the years as a Best Year Yet coach, I have facilitated so many discussions to help clients recognize what constitutes Gold Time in their lives – the activities that are Not Urgent, but oh-so-Important.  The things that are so easy to procrastinate but, if attended to, will make the biggest difference in the quality of their lives....
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The Beach Ball Perspective

For as long as I can recall, I have had a knack for seeing possibilities -- an innate talent that has served me well, especially as a Coach. It doesn’t matter what the circumstance, issue, or problem, people can count on me to see things from a differing perspective – broadening their own perspective. It’s the way I’m wired, and a good thing too because the C-suite and senior team clients I work with value the coaching I provide on expanding this skill for themselves....
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Your PR

  Like millions of viewers, I was curious about the theme of Oprah’s farewell show. After 25 years, what more could she talk about that we hadn’t already heard? I wondered. Well, she got right to the point and spoke about the power and responsibility that we have to add value to others in terms of our talents and our energy. She said to her audience, “Carry what you’re supposed to be doing forward.” A perfect final message…...
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