What is PRO – how and why does it work?

Imagine you get an email from your coach. He reminds you of your commitment to work on your goals regularly. He makes you feel good about your achievement and offers wisdom about self management. You may tell your coach to do more for you, for example, send you reminders about when your goals are due. All this creates a positive pressure that supports you to walk your talk on your way to having your Best Year Yet®....
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What is Best Year Yet and How Does it Work?

  This article offers an introduction of a wonderful life planning tool to accomplish what you want in your life. Whether you are a business owner, professional, executive or emerging leader, student, parent, teacher, it can work for you. Let me ask you this question: if you had to sum up your life experience in one year, would you say it was inspiring; right on track; stuck, challenging or stressful? The truth is Greatness resides in you ready to express your innate potential to be, do and ...
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Who Uses Best Year Yet?

Incredibly, the Best Year Yet® system works for individuals, non-profits, educators, Fortune 500 firms, executive boards, derailed teams, newly formed teams, and entrepreneurs in every industry. What our top clients all have in common is a fundamental dissatisfaction with their current results and a commitment to experience a positive change over a reasonable period of time....
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