The Power of Positive Prophecy

By Betty Mahalik, Best Year Yet® Partner This is a story I never tire of telling.  I tell it anytime I have the opportunity to — whether in workshop, a coaching session, or a simple conversation with a friend.  I tell it because it’s an example of the power of positive prophecy. And “positive prophecy” is how I define Question 4 in the Best Year Yet process.  This concept of positive prophecy became a part of my permanent mental/emotional operating system the first time I ever created a BYY ...
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I Step Up and Make a Difference

by Ashoka Gore, Best Year Yet® Partner in Australia  We are not fully aware of the way we see the world and people around us.  However, if we were able to keep track of what makes us happy, angry, frustrated or disgusted, we would be able to identify some of our paradigms....
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