Are You Ready for a Change?

One thing I know for sure is that we are more powerful than we know. We are created from greatness, a source of help greater than ourselves with the strength, courage, and faith to live empowering and fulfilling lives. Yet when we forget this truth we give life a different meaning, one of struggle, hardship, limitation and uncertainty.  Fortunately, there is good news. Regardless of one’s circumstance in life, help to change is always available. When we’re willing to ask for and accept help, we ...
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Working Miracles For and With Africa

What a boost to open an email that said “You and Best Year Yet have worked miracles for us!” And a far cry from the call I had received from the same person three years earlier:  “We need help!” Ruth and her husband are the founders of a small non-profit organization called Computers for Africa.  Staffed entirely with volunteers, their work had grown until Ruth and Tim realized they needed to formalize their structure with a real board of directors that took over some of the work load – and the ...
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