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Let Your Light Shine

When I learned that this series of Best Year Yet® articles was about the shift from a self-centered reality to one devoted to helping those around us and beyond, this idea of serving others rang true for me. For me, service offers a heart-centered experience, one that comes from our willingness to give our gifts and talents in unconditional support for the highest and best in another person....
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Let Wisdom Be Your Guide

Do you remember the valuable life lessons you learned during your formative years?...
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What is Best Year Yet and How Does it Work?

  This article offers an introduction of a wonderful life planning tool to accomplish what you want in your life. Whether you are a business owner, professional, executive or emerging leader, student, parent, teacher, it can work for you. Let me ask you this question: if you had to sum up your life experience in one year, would you say it was inspiring; right on track; stuck, challenging or stressful? The truth is Greatness resides in you ready to express your innate potential to be, do and ...
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