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It's Not Complicated...

  Do you remember the 2009 American romantic comedy and Golden Globe nominated movie titled, It’s Complicated with Meryl Streep (Jane), Alec Baldwin (Jake) and Steve Martin (Adam)? In case you didn’t see it, the plot is that Jane and Jake have three grown children together and have been divorced ten years. Jane is single and has taken an interest in the contractor she hired to remodel her home and Jake is married to the woman he cheated on Jane with....
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Make More Money In The Middle of the Recession

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Who Uses Best Year Yet?

Incredibly, the Best Year Yet® system works for individuals, non-profits, educators, Fortune 500 firms, executive boards, derailed teams, newly formed teams, and entrepreneurs in every industry. What our top clients all have in common is a fundamental dissatisfaction with their current results and a commitment to experience a positive change over a reasonable period of time....
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Your PR

  Like millions of viewers, I was curious about the theme of Oprah’s farewell show. After 25 years, what more could she talk about that we hadn’t already heard? I wondered. Well, she got right to the point and spoke about the power and responsibility that we have to add value to others in terms of our talents and our energy. She said to her audience, “Carry what you’re supposed to be doing forward.” A perfect final message…...
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No Time To Kill

When I was thirty four years old, I learned there was “no time to kill.” I was in a marriage that was free falling, I worked at a job that I hated and I discovered much to my horror that the fetus I was carrying had morphed into a cancerous blob described to me as a “molar pregnancy,” clinically known as a hytdatidform mole.  During my treatment and recovery, I discovered a book that altered the course of my life.  The bestseller was written by Melody Beattie and it was titled, Codependent No ...
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