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Beyond the Moment of Change

  Those of us who have created our Best Year Yet® plans are familiar with the phrase The Moment of Change. This moment happens after Question 4 of our 10-question process that leads to the one-page plan for the year. When we identify our most limiting belief about ourselves and release the energy that has held us back from reaching our true potential, we experience a moment of change. ...
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Making Dreams Come True at Natalie’s House

In 2010 I had the privilege of meeting Janet Olsen, Founder and Executive Director of Arizonans for the Protection of Exploited Children and Adults (APECA).  It’s an organization that mobilizes people and resources in the fight against sexual exploitation and abuse. Together we created her first Best Year Yet® plan for APECA, and she continued to use Best Year Yet® for a second year on her own with the support of her Board of Directors. The results have been amazing and many lives have been ...
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Mindset Matters - Live Your Paradigm

by Diana Baysinger,  Best Year Yet Partner and Trainer...
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ACCOUNTABILITY: Make Your Life Count

When I think about the word ACCOUNTABILITY,  I see the words A, ability, and count within the word.  This helps me understand the word accountability as an ability to count. What that means is that we all have an inherent ability to make things happen in our lives and the questions we need to ask ourselves are:  Am I content with what is happening in my personal and professional life? Am I living in alignment with what is most important to me? Am I making my life count?...
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Dare To Be Extraordinary

People who are extraordinary are present to the moment, see magic in simple things and have a deep appreciation for the life they have been given. They leave an imprint and touch others by their very presence. Being extraordinary means we experience the ordinary and add a little something extra to it. It has no age limit. As a matter of fact, children come into this world as extraordinary miracles. I only have to remember the first time I held my granddaughter to remember the gift of being ...
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Creating a Best Year Yet with Your Life Partner

Welcome to the Attention Age. Since the invention of social media in the 2000s, the Information Age has evolved into the Attention Age . The Age of Information provided an explosion in technology. This explosion created communication platforms that keep people connected through technology. We are fed a nonstop buffet of information based on our previous Google searches, iTunes buying history, Facebook profile, and recently watched videos and cell phone history. We even subscribe to RSS feeds ...
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