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The Surprising Benefits of Being Unreasonable

Would you like to be considered an unreasonable person? Probably not because that label reminds us of people stuck in their ways, that woman on the call-in desk who was no help, or a boss who is uninterested in others’ solutions. No. But that’s not the kind of unreasonable I’m talking about. George Bernard Shaw described it well:...
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Impossible Dreams Do Come True

On a rainy afternoon 5 years ago fifteen members of the Aspen Executive Service Corps participated in a brainstorming session with a youth services organization called YouthZone.  The question Executive Director Debbie Wilde posed: “Should we take what we’ve built so far and expand its reach to youth services organizations throughout the U.S.?  If so, how?”...
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Play the Game – the path to results!

When you can produce results, time after time, you are in the driving seat of your life and your business. Play the Game to improve your results in: Business Sales Income Fitness Church pledge drive Anything! If you can measure it, you can make it happen! Thousands and thousands of people around the world have been making game boards for the past 30 years – even more since we started the Best Year Yet business in 1996 and really pushed it out there....
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The Foolproof Combination

You’ve heard the phrase for years – a foolproof solution.  It reminds me of one of those hucksters in the old west, peddling their bottles of elixir.  In other words, too good to be true. Yet the Foolproof Combination I’m talking about is one that’s been proven to work, time after time. It’s the bottom line of the personal and business development wisdom we’ve read or heard for years.  The secret to producing the results we want and need is in our Attitude and our Action....
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What are your Top Ten Goals?

What you Focus on is What You Get! In this world of distractions, it’s too easy to lose our focus.  When this happens we may be getting things done, but we’re really not accomplishing anything.  In these times of longer and longer TO DO lists and the endless fascinations of voicemail, email, and texting we can lose our way.  The dreams that matter and the determination to live a life that shows the person we want to be are lost in the shuffle of a busy, busy life....
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Anything is Possible!

How to Obliterate Limiting Beliefs in 3 Easy Steps: Imagine that I’m there beside you telling you "Anything is Possible for YOU."How do you react?  Do you say, "Wow – great news, Jinny!  I’ve been waiting for someone to tell me that my whole life!" That would be great, but if that isn’t your reaction, welcome to the human race!...
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How Can We Stop Feeling Overwhelmed?

I find myself in a lot of conversations lately about how busy and frustrated people are. Here are some typical comments: “With all our wonderful technology, designed to make it all so much easier, I just feel more overwhelmed instead of more productive!” “I can’t figure out how to make things happen that just don’t happen.” “I try so hard to stick to my priorities, but the day just takes over and I don’t get to them.”...
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Appreciate Your Success

The first principle of personal transformation is to appreciate your success. By recognizing your accomplishments, you build real confidence that gives you the strength to make new things happen.  Sticking to this principle puts you in touch with your personal power and leads to becoming a master of producing results....
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