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Karen Morey is the grounding force of the Best Year Yet® Home Team, having been with the company since 2002. She has served as our Training Team Manager – no small feat as we continued to grow with new programs and instructors. She also brings 25 years of experience in corporate leadership, giving her an insider’s view to working with teams of all sizes. Karen has extensive experience training facilitators worldwide, both internally and in businesses and organizations. She has designed and delivered training in leadership, performance management, customer service, and sales management as well as Best Year Yet® system delivery. When she is not traveling the globe, Karen is a keeper of the Best Year Yet® Partner history, helping us develop and grow our Partner community in our new incarnation. Ready to start your own best year yet? Click Here and get ready for results – in business and in life.

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Winning the Results Game

Karen Morey / March 29, 2016 /

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Achieving desired results is a product of having the right mindset, taking actions consistent with that mindset, and having a process of follow-up or accountability. To do that, there are two important rules:  you must know exactly what it is you want (your goal) and exactly how you are doing – at all times!...
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#1 Mistake Before Goal Setting

"My 2015 plan is pretty much done and I’m ready to start fresh. Can we just work on a new plan for 2016?" My coaching client had unknowingly uttered a common end-of-year refrain. It’s the #1 mistake that people make even before they begin goal setting for the year....
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The World Beyond These "Walls"

“I have come to the realization that my job is all-consuming. Between my job and my family, I have no other life!” I was meeting with a woman who was a member of a leadership team I was coaching and she had just completed her own individual Best Year Yet® plan as part of the program. Although I had not had this discussion with her before, her words sounded familiar....
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Working Miracles For and With Africa

What a boost to open an email that said “You and Best Year Yet have worked miracles for us!” And a far cry from the call I had received from the same person three years earlier:  “We need help!” Ruth and her husband are the founders of a small non-profit organization called Computers for Africa.  Staffed entirely with volunteers, their work had grown until Ruth and Tim realized they needed to formalize their structure with a real board of directors that took over some of the work load – and the ...
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I Love It When A Plan Comes Together!

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Never Give Up on Gold Time

  The concept of Gold Time is one I am passionately devoted to – and one I am usually frustrated by.  Over the years as a Best Year Yet coach, I have facilitated so many discussions to help clients recognize what constitutes Gold Time in their lives – the activities that are Not Urgent, but oh-so-Important.  The things that are so easy to procrastinate but, if attended to, will make the biggest difference in the quality of their lives....
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