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Kris Gleason has been a Certified Best Year Yet® Coach since 2004 working with individuals, businesses, and organizations to improve personal and team productivity and build a sustainable culture of performance. Combining the latest coaching, communication, and strategic planning tools, she consistently helps clients transform attitudes and behaviors, while empowering individuals and teams to take the actions necessary to produce desired results. Kris has more than 30 years’ experience in the corporate world specializing in strategic planning, marketing, and sales. In 2002, while coaching financial advisors as part of her job with a securities broker/dealer, she discovered that coaching was her calling. "I used to think I would be a great coach because I had so much hard-earned wisdom to share,” said Kris. “Since becoming a coach, I’ve learned that my job is to listen intently and ask the tough questions that encourage the client’s own wisdom to rise to the surface. I am never surprised, but always delighted, when a client has an ‘ah-ha moment’!”

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The Secret Saboteur

You know the old saying, “Never put off until tomorrow, what you can do today?” It's the basis for the secret saboteurs that we all have to face at some point. I’ve been putting off writing this article for days. I had a good idea for the article and coming up with the idea is half the battle, so no big deal! I’ll just sit down and write it. But each day for the last 10 days, I found myself doing something else (anything else) and day after day, before I knew it, the day was done but the ...
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Get Rid of Your Rear View Mirror

Lately, I’ve been distracted by my rear view mirror. I can’t get into my car any more without glancing at it and recalling a passage I recently read in a book called Miracle Morning by Hal Erod. In it, Hal says one of the most crippling causes of mediocrity in life is a condition he calls Rear view Mirror Syndrome (RMS )....
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Take Care of Yourself

Kris Gleason / August 02, 2010 /


  Lesson # 10 in the Producing Results series is Take Care of Yourself. As a Best Year Yet® Coach, I often find the need to encourage my clients to take better care of themselves. In some cases, it may mean taking the time to develop a new talent or improve a relationship. Often it means they need to pay more attention to their health or simply just treat themselves better....
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