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Ascending Your Own Personal Everest

by Mike Burge, Best Year Yet® UK Partner...
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I Step Up and Make a Difference

by Ashoka Gore, Best Year Yet® Partner in Australia  We are not fully aware of the way we see the world and people around us.  However, if we were able to keep track of what makes us happy, angry, frustrated or disgusted, we would be able to identify some of our paradigms....
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Keeping my business on track – unlocking the key to success

by Mike Burge, Certified Best Year Yet Program Leader, Executive Coach and Publishing Consultant...
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2011 Success Strategies: Beyond the Comfort Zone by Pat Thomas

By Pat Thomas, Best Year Yet® Partner...
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Learn our Lessons – or Pay the Price!

by Jinny Ditzler, Best Year Yet® founder, author and Huffington Post contributor...
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The Fourth Principle of Personal Transformation

Over the past few months we’ve been writing about the 5 Principles of Personal (and Organizational) Transformation.  To read an introductory overview of these principles, read our earlier blog: Transforming Your Performance – and Your Life! by Partner Lloyd Franke. Today’s post is about the 4th Principle – Live your Values by Best Year Yet Program Leader and Trainer Diana Baysinger.  From the time she joined our global community, Di has been our champion of values, bringing them boldly into ...
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Transforming Your Performance – and Your Life

 “How’d you do last year?” people ask. We think about it and we casually answer with what is fresh in our minds - the last few months or weeks or days. 2009 was a tough year for many: job losses, health problems, family issues, or other disappointments. Yet for some, the year was good. despite the surrounding conditions. What makes the difference in performance and achievement? How can we do better while all about us seems to be unstable or even crumbling?...
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Life Beyond Trying to Be Good Enough

Stop picking on yourself! And then moving on, every time, determined to be different, better, more enlightened, wiser . . . or whatever you’re criticizing yourself for at the moment. The old uphill battle!  When are you ever going to be good enough?The answer in a minute, but first -- how long have you been trying to be good enough? My guess is that it’s been since you were about 10 years old!  Of course, it’s not your fault – parents, teachers, friends, family and bosses have been doing their ...
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