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  On the last day of 2011 when I took stock of the year, answering the ten questions within the Best Year Yet® system, I uncovered a surprising limiting belief that needed inquiry. While on the fourth question, a new insight caught my attention and made me rethink my approach. The question is, “How do I limit myself and how can I stop”?...
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Making Work Work

  A book title can conjure up all sorts of fantasies and wishful thinking because, after all, a title’s purpose is to attract readers.  Sometimes the promise made by the title is not kept, but in the case of the book The Four Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss, it is. If you’re like the average citizen of almost any developed country, you’ve spent your work life on a daily eight hour cycle, and the prospect of piling eight hours of work each day into four hours a week has to be an attractive ...
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Overcoming the Volunteer Leadership Challenge

Over the past 15 years, I’ve been invited to participate with and, in some cases, lead the boards of several nonprofit organizations. And, I have had the pleasure of contributing to many breakthroughs in partnership with my committed colleagues. Volunteer Leaders Make the World A Better Place...
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