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Break Out of the Trap!!

What trap? The trap I fall into almost every day is one that I suspect many of us find ourselves in.  My trap is that my day rushes by faster than I can keep up with it.  That I feel like I’m always running just to catch up.  That just when I get focused on a key priority, some interruption arises – and before I can finish dealing with that situation – another one comes up as well -- such as being asked to write this article at 10am today!...
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My First "Play the Game" Experience Success

In 1955, when I was 8 years old, the Elementary School in Takoma Park, Maryland announced a newspaper collection drive open to all students. The Prize for bringing in 370 pounds of newspapers was an American Flag that had flown over the US Capitol Building. To me, earning an American Flag with such a history was a truly worthwhile objective and I was hooked!...
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What Are We Waiting For?

Most of us are waiting.  We don’t realize we’re waiting because we’re so busy.  But if we really look, we’re waiting. We’re waiting for the right moment to get started on what we really want to do.  Or for the right job.  Or for the right person to join us.  We think to ourselves “Once I get this done, then I’ll really get started doing what I want.” But before we finish doing what we’re doing, we’re interrupted by another priority that pulls us away and off we go doing that thing, desperately ...
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