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Imagine a pebble dropping into a still lake. Watch one ring of ripples turn into many, growing larger and larger as they reach outward from the center. Now imagine that those ripples represent lives impacted, with the edges of those growing ripples reflecting the reach and magnitude of that impact.

This is our vision for the Best Year Yet Foundation. We want to motivate you, inspire  and move you to take action - action that can create impact in multiple directions, forms and levels - for those who serve our communities around the world.

Help for the House of Guardian Angels

House of Guardian Angels

One such story is that of Dom Anioly Strazow, or House of Guardian Angels, a 20-year-old Polish non-profit organization that works with  marginalized youth and families in three separate cities. Their work serves over 1000 young people who are on the streets, as well as their families, through childcare facilities, counseling centers, vocational trainings and a safe place to build healthy relationships.

Before Best Year Yet, the organization was faced with closing multiple daycare centers due to financial difficulties, high staff turnover from burnout, an over-dependence on public grants, and destabilization in the organization’s leadership.

After working with Best Year Yet, the team invigorated their confidence and became a cohesive unit. They were able to retain all their staff and prevented any of their centers from closing. Leaders took more accountability and the organization created new systems to increase efficiencies. As a result, they not only saved money, but saw a 150% increase in private donations and a 100% increase of public donations!

The Ripple Effect

The impact being made by Dom Anioly Strazow goes far beyond the 6 core team members who directly participated in our workshops. The ripples they started have touched countless lives thanks to the success they had and continue to build upon in strengthening their infrastructure, leadership, accountability, confidence and ability to expand their service for their constituents. And now I hope they have impact for you with their inspiring story of what’s possible.

From Poland to Prague, India to United States, we have started ripples that are continuing to spread, helping people around the globe create results that change lives for the better every day.

Start Some Ripples of Your Own

We ask you to join us in this global mission to make an impact and help those who serve to excel at what they do best. Click here to join our community newsletter for more stories of our work in action and opportunities to bring this life-changing work to an organization that you love!

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About the Author

Aaron Cohen is a nationally recognized entrepreneur, fundraising consultant, and organizational development specialist.  His mission to empower the disenfranchised is evident in the companies he’s created, the non-profit organizations he’s started, and his community advocacy work. 

Since 2009, Aaron has raised over $60M for more than 100 organizations in the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean. He currently serves as co-founder and Executive Director of the Best Year Yet Foundation, as well as Democracy Win, an international advocacy organization working to elevate women, minorities and young people to all levels of leadership in politics, non-profits and corporations.

Aaron has received recognition for his leadership, advocacy and community involvement including;

  • 40 Under 40 Award Winner by the American Association of Political Consultants
  • The only firm in the U.S. named to the Aristotle Campaign Dream Team in 2010 and 2011
  • Government Affairs Co-Chair for the Rocky Mountain Anti-Defamation League
  • Digital Media and Learning Award from the MacArthur and HASTAC Foundations for CivicsLab, an innovative blend of technology and education to inspire kids’ participation in civic engagement.

Previously, Aaron taught English as a Second Language in rural Costa Rica and spent nearly a decade in Washington, DC where he completed a Masters in International Economics from the George Washington University and managed $30M a year in foreign currency accounts at a major DC based financial institution. 

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