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Tap the power of your people best year yet

Would you call your team or organization a happy place to work?  Are the results what you need them to be?  If not, are you stressed? If your answer is yes, you are not alone. The way out of this dilemma is to tap into the power of your people ~ don't go it alone. Each of your people has a wealth of wisdom and intention to do good ~ every one. Ask questions, listen to the answers, and trust the true power of each one ~ and express it often.  

"The leaders who get the most out of their people are
the leaders who care most about their people."
~ Simon Sinek

Getting Alignment and Investment

Years ago as a CEO the key people and I made a plan every year ~ filled with vital lessons, discovery of the biggest mindset holding us back, a major focus for the business, and its top ten goals.  During the process every one on the team was given many opportunities to share their thoughts and ideas, and the rest of us listened.  At the end of the day there was genuine alignment.

As a result, everyone had a say in creating what the next year would be.  All were motivated, knew what they needed to do, and had ownership of the plan.  It was a happy place, people stayed for years, and grew into leaders of a rapidly growing global organization. 

Years ago I knew a top business leader and friend, and he said it this way:

"People will not destroy that which they have helped to create."

Make sure your people know the big picture, then tell them WHY the project matters, WHAT you want them to do ~ and not HOW. The last behavior leads to micro-management, which diminishes the person's confidence and, more importantly, their performance.  Make sure you tell the person exactly what results you want, let them ask questions, and then send them on their way.  Nothing empowers people more than trust and appreciation. 

Steve Jobs said it best,

"It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do;
we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do."

What Support and Leadership Look Like in Real Life

Have you ever worked for someone who belittled you or didn't know who you are?  I have, and it was impossible to do my best.

To support my directors to grow in their jobs and as a person, I coached and mentored them once a week ~ sometimes just a few minutes, sometimes longer. Not only did we stay on the same page, but I always started with the question, What's on your mind?   The most successful CEOs we have observed invest in their people.

I once heard from a new manager in a fast-growing business.  When he started he was enthusiastic about contributing his experience of building businesses. However, after a few weeks, the boss began criticizing mistakes and offering no encouragement. He was discouraged and looking for a way to communicate effectively with this person about how to bring out the best in him.  And he was in pain ~ not what he expected. 

Think of disgruntled employees as plants needing water ~ they're wilting and not doing what they're here to do.  Give them a drink of water (support and acknowledgment), as often as needs be, and they come alive right before your eyes.  

Set your ego aside and let others help to lead and manage the business.  In this way you're out of the galley, up on deck, and charting the course. If you as a leader have your nose to the grindstone, the business is without a captain, and so might well fail.

We've helped hundreds of CEOs, executives, and managers, and those who lay down the burden of keeping the business afloat and focus on the job of making their people successful and generating a true performance culture.

Summary: How to Tap Into the Power of Your People

  1. Pay attention to how your people are performing.
  2. Talk with those who are not and coach them to succeed.
  3. Push everyone to become better ~ let them know you care.
  4. Care for your people first!  The new level of results appear naturally.


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