Start a Ripple, Change the World

  Imagine a pebble dropping into a still lake. Watch one ring of ripples turn into many, growing larger and larger as they reach outward from the center. Now imagine that those ripples represent lives impacted, with the edges of those growing ripples reflecting the reach and magnitude of that impact. This is our vision for the Best Year Yet Foundation. We want to motivate you, inspire  and move you to take action - action that can create impact in multiple directions, forms and levels - for ...
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Your Snapshot of Life

  We've all seen videos and articles that give us a snapshot of life and how we spend it - this many hours on sleep, that many hours on school, a few hours here on personal maintenance, a lot of hours there at work. It's always a reality check, particularly because we are often so caught up in living each minute that we rarely stop to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. It can be shocking when we do. And it can be the call to action that we need to change the path we are on....
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