Save a Life Today - Your Own

My partner has a saying that helps me keep myself from getting caught up in the stress, drama and weighty-ness of work situations – “We’re not saving lives here.” It’s a great reminder that I don’t need to put too much stress on myself over the little things. Since I have stepped into my role at Best Year Yet®, I have a different perspective on that saying....
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The Power of Positive Prophecy

By Betty Mahalik, Best Year Yet® Partner This is a story I never tire of telling.  I tell it anytime I have the opportunity to — whether in workshop, a coaching session, or a simple conversation with a friend.  I tell it because it’s an example of the power of positive prophecy. And “positive prophecy” is how I define Question 4 in the Best Year Yet process.  This concept of positive prophecy became a part of my permanent mental/emotional operating system the first time I ever created a BYY ...
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How I Stopped Micromanaging Myself

  I was "The King of To-Do Lists". Back in the 80’s when there were no electronic devices, a student at the university told me, “You are my role model for being well organized. How do you plan your exams?“ He seemed to be impressed by my bulky personal management notebook. At the same time I was asked by others to organize training sessions on self-management. Looking back, this was probably the starting point of my coaching career....
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What is PRO – how and why does it work?

Imagine you get an email from your coach. He reminds you of your commitment to work on your goals regularly. He makes you feel good about your achievement and offers wisdom about self management. You may tell your coach to do more for you, for example, send you reminders about when your goals are due. All this creates a positive pressure that supports you to walk your talk on your way to having your Best Year Yet®....
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Find the Pit Stop!

When was the last time you stopped racing around, checked your energy level, and recharged your batteries? I've discovered that many clients get the most value from using Best Year Yet® by developing a personal habit of looking back and getting ready for the next steps. I call this habit a Pit Stop. You pause to find more motivation, more clarity and direction for the future....
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Get a life!

In fact, get the life you really want for yourself....
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Quit Trying so Hard

I have a confession to make: I often (maybe always) make things harder than they have to be! No really, I do. If there were a degree awarded for this one, I would have a PhD in MTH (making things hard)! And I've discovered I have a lot of company from other high-achieving, goal-oriented folks. Perhaps you're one of them....
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Watch Where You're Going

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.”   ~ The Cheshire Cat, Alice in Wonderland Do you know where you’re going?  And do you keep your eye on that destination at all times? If you have a crystal clear 12-month vision for your life, then give yourself a great big pat on the back because you're a member of a very small elite group. Most people have lots of wishes: "I wish I had more money," "I wish I could lose weight," "I wish business was better," – or they have a ...
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Creating a Best Year Yet with Your Life Partner

Welcome to the Attention Age. Since the invention of social media in the 2000s, the Information Age has evolved into the Attention Age . The Age of Information provided an explosion in technology. This explosion created communication platforms that keep people connected through technology. We are fed a nonstop buffet of information based on our previous Google searches, iTunes buying history, Facebook profile, and recently watched videos and cell phone history. We even subscribe to RSS feeds ...
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Help Others Produce Results

Ms. GPS is the voice on the wonderful technology that helps us navigate in unknown territory and arrive at a new destination easily. Global positioning devices have saved us lots of time and frustration. (OK, and occasionally led us astray, but on the whole….stay with me here.) Ms. GPS also provides a few good reminders for how we can help others achieve their goals, faster and more easily. While the voice of Ms. GPS can become a little wearing, her usefulness is unquestionably lovable....
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