No Time To Kill

When I was thirty four years old, I learned there was “no time to kill.” I was in a marriage that was free falling, I worked at a job that I hated and I discovered much to my horror that the fetus I was carrying had morphed into a cancerous blob described to me as a “molar pregnancy,” clinically known as a hytdatidform mole.  During my treatment and recovery, I discovered a book that altered the course of my life.  The bestseller was written by Melody Beattie and it was titled, Codependent No ...
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Life Beyond Trying to Be Good Enough

Stop picking on yourself! And then moving on, every time, determined to be different, better, more enlightened, wiser . . . or whatever you’re criticizing yourself for at the moment. The old uphill battle!  When are you ever going to be good enough?The answer in a minute, but first -- how long have you been trying to be good enough? My guess is that it’s been since you were about 10 years old!  Of course, it’s not your fault – parents, teachers, friends, family and bosses have been doing their ...
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